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About Us
Who are we?
Touch & Print Pte. Ltd. are the distributor for TheMagicTouch and Poli-Tape transfer media paper in south east asia. Our mission is to provide customers with high quality heat transfer results. We provide high quality heat transfer printing services onto apparels as well as gift items. In addition, we also sell all the neccessary equipment and media for you to start your own heat transfer business.
Our History
Started in 1994, we are the pioneer in the heat transfer business. In the beginning, printing directly to a colour laser device was a luxury as the equipment needed to do do this was too expensive. Prints were made purely by using a colour copier machine. From the initial 3 kinds of transfer paper used in the beginning, today we have more than 50 kinds and the range still continues to grow.
R&D / Technical Support
Transfer printing may seem simple to the onlooker, but there is constant R&D being done in the area to further improve and advance the technology. Touch & Print has invested much time and effort into our own R&D efforts in the area of finding new materials and also in the area of new ideas of how to use the technology to create and make new and exciting products. We also pride ourselves in knowing our products to the fullest and providing the best technical support for our customers.
The Road Ahead
Our latest development are in the area of using the new white toner technology to create products that were not possible before. Products such as coloured mugs and full colour prints onto dark non fabric surfaces have opened up new possibilities for customers. In addition, the new WoW7.7 transfer media is the perfect, affordable, solution for all garment decoration regardless of fabric colour or type, without any cutting or weeding involved.
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